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The Timeline Of My Journey Working Alongside Keller Williams

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

These last 15 months have flown by, but everything I have been building over the past 15 months is now piecing together like a puzzle and the domino effect explained in the One Thing by Gary Keller is coming to life.

Take a look at my journey so far below:

October 2018

· Chris Buckler slid Into my LinkedIn DMs and we arranged a meeting (not an interview).

· The KW values aligned with mine along with the vision of estate agency in the UK.

· I started to save some money

· Told my Girlfriend, friends & family – they were all for it.

November 2018

· Read and learnt the Millionaire Real Estate Agency Book (The Bible & Business Plan)

· Watched all YouTube videos in regards to Keller Williams and Keller Williams UK.

April 2019

· Went to one of their Market Centre Evening Drinks and met with others who had already joined.

August 2019

· Worked on my Business Launch Plan

October 2019

· Signed up with KW after two pay checks (which I thought were big at the time). I told everyone in my world what I was doing and asked for support through conversations, text messages, vlogs etc.

November 2019

· Took 11 listings mainly from friends, family and referrals

· Sold my first 2 properties and let 7 under JAGS Property Group.

· Teamed up with a local coffee shop in London City Island and canvassed with promotional 50% off of their new brunch launch.

December 2019

· Built a relationship with London City Island New Homes Team

· Set up a London City Island Business Networking Group and held bi-monthly events. (These were a great success, I made loads of friends and drank plenty of alcohol!)

January 2020

· Went To KW Reunion In Lyon France – witnessed estate agency 2.0 – this was estate agency taken to a new level compared to what I have witnessed in my career. I learnt a crazy amount which I fall back on today. Met some great people and made some amazing friends.

February 2020

· Started door knocking after lots of script practice and with a detailed plan/strategy.

March 2020

· Hit lockdown – had a moment of panic as I thought my pipeline of sales may have crumbled.

· Networked hard through social media, created local community pub quizzes in Gravesend & London City Island. Worked with landlords struggling in a real touch and unprecedented time.

July 2020

· 7 new sales & 9 new lets.

August 2020

· Had the busiest and craziest month of my career.

September 2020

· Start recruiting for an assistant…spoke to 40+ applicants, interviewed 12.

November 2020

· Recruited a superstar in Jacqui.. absolute game changer!

· Sold another 11 homes…

December 2020

· Marketed a Local Christmas Lights Competition with local prizes.

January 2021

New Website Launch! –

In my first full year I sold 20 homes and let 21…with a large pipeline building for 2021!

Most referrals have come from friends, family and people that I have reconnected with… the service I have been providing is better than I could ever have provided previously and this is now leading to more referrals and a partnership with a local property developer launching 8 new units in March.

I have set clear yearly, 5 year and someday goals and completed a 4-1-1 and then a 1-3-5 business plan to ensure that the goals are achieved. I have never had a clearer map of how to achieve the business and personal goals as I have now.

I can only thank my family and friends for their support and referrals, I am grateful to you all.

Also a big thank you to the Keller Williams London Bridge Leadership team, the associates and wider Keller Williams family. We make a great team and you all inspire me every day.

As you can see I am super passionate about the future of estate agency for both the agents and our clients. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more.

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