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Partnering With Utility Warehouse To Help Clients Save Money On Household Bills...

We have just partnered up with the Utility Warehouse who offer some of the cheapest energy, broadband and mobile rates.

"For more than 20 years, Utility Warehouse has been making life easier for its customers by bundling all their home services into one easy to manage bill, offering savings and benefits when customers take multiple services. And now multiservice UW customers can save £98 against the new energy price cap, giving them access to the cheapest energy in the UK.*

We always want to ensure thar you customers are in the best position financially and ensure that they can save money where possible. Utility Warehouse make life simple and keep all of your costs and direct debits under one roof and on one bill.

"Stuart Burnett, Co-CEO at Utility Warehouse, said: ‘As families across the UK battle an unprecedented cost of living crisis, we wanted to do more. As the scale of the crisis became clear, we revisited our bundles and have spent the last few months restructuring them to give even more households more ways to save - not just on energy but on all their home services."

Let me know if you would like to review your current rates with your suppliers and check-out the link below for more information...

Our goal is to be the best estate agent in Gravesend and provide a comprehensive and local service to our clients.

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