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Is Home Staging Worth It?

Home staging is the process of preparing a property for sale by making it more attractive to potential buyers. The primary benefit of home staging when selling a property is that it can increase the perceived value of the home and make it more appealing to potential buyers, which can lead to a faster sale at a higher price.

Here are some specific benefits of home staging:

  1. Increases perceived value: A staged home looks more appealing and put together, which can make buyers feel that the home is worth more than an unstaged home.

  2. Helps buyers envision themselves in the space: By depersonalizing the space and making it more neutral, buyers can more easily imagine themselves living in the home, which can increase their emotional connection to the property.

  3. Highlights the best features: Home staging can draw attention to the most attractive features of the home and make them stand out, which can make the property more memorable to buyers.

  4. Creates a more welcoming atmosphere: By making the home look more inviting and cozy, home staging can make buyers feel more comfortable and at home, which can increase their interest in the property.

  5. Can lead to a faster sale: By making the home more attractive and appealing to potential buyers, home staging can help the property sell more quickly than an unstaged home.

Overall, home staging is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to sell a property quickly and for the highest possible price.

For professional home staging its is probably best to get a consultation first especially If you have a tight budget and want some ideas on how to stage your home so book a consultation with a professional stager. The stager will perform a walk-through of the home, work with the agent to understand the local market, and then detail how each room is better staged. You’re not under any obligation to hire the stager, and you can use any of their suggestions.

  • Do a deep clean. The last thing you want is for grimy skirting board and dirty bathrooms to detract from a beautiful staging job. Before you move in the staging items, have your home deep cleaned so that it’s move-in ready. You might want to hire a professional cleaning service to handle this step. But alternatively you can do this yourself.

  • Do a smell test. People easily get used to the smell of their own home and don’t notice a difference until they’ve left the house for a while and walk back in and sometimes, something smells off. This can be a deterrent to a prospective homebuyer walking in for the first time. It’s also why candles or wax burners help.

  • Choose one or two key rooms. Staging an entire house can get expensive, especially if you end up renting furniture for a few months. But you don’t necessarily need to stage every room. Instead, focus on a couple of key rooms, such as the living room and kitchen, so prospective buyers can get a sense of what it would be like to live there.

  • Stage according to budget and lifestyle. If you’re selling a cozy beach cottage, it wouldn’t make sense to stage it with luxury leather furniture and expensive art pieces. Similarly, if you’re trying to sell a modern condo near downtown, a shabby-chic look probably isn’t going to inspire buyers.

  • Think about the general budget of prospective buyers and what their ideal living space would look like. Keep it minimal. You don’t need to fully furnish rooms as you would if someone were actually going to be living there. Instead, you want to provide the property with a certain aesthetic and general feel of hominess. Keep the number of items in each room to a minimum, and place them away from walls. Decorate the walls and shelves sparingly. If you do paint the walls, use light, simple colors to help open up the space.

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