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Hosting a House Viewing the Right Way

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

So, your home is ready for viewers, and everything looks its best. The candles have been lit, the last minute washing, washing up, toys etc have been put away and now it's time for the main event – showing them around. Your prep work should have them in a good frame of mind as soon as they walk through the door, but this is your chance to really show them how great your property is.

Below is a guide to carrying out viewings in the correct way. This can make a big difference to your chances of selling – with a good viewing potentially being a dealbreaker.

It’s not just as simple as cleaning your house and putting away your valuables; you need to prepare in the right way to ensure a viewing runs as smoothly as possible.

Don’t intrude or interfere

It’s important, during a viewing, to not be on top of buyers or hovering close to them. This is their chance to explore your home and they won’t appreciate feeling pressured or uncomfortable.

You may choose not to be present at the viewing by leaving it to your agent instead. Most agents will offer this and is advisable as while it can be tempting to want to be there while someone looks around your property, buyers may find it more awkward if you are there or get too involved.

Trust your agent to sell your home’s best attributes and give your buyers the time and space to get to know your home.

Be flexible

Buyers will appreciate flexibility and adaptability when it comes to viewings. For a number of reasons, the hours of 9-5 on weekdays are unlikely to be suitable for most, so try and be accommodating with late afternoon/evening viewings or viewings at the weekend.

You shouldn’t be expected to accept unreasonable and unrealistic requests – a viewing at 6am or midnight – but if you can be ready for viewings at the drop of the hat at occasionally inconvenient times it will improve your chances of selling.

Ideally agree with your agent to do a block of viewings on a Saturday which they will attend and do for you as this works very well as firstly, you only need to tidy up once and secondly, if it looks like there are other people interested you are more likely to get an offer nearer your asking price.

Supply as much local knowledge as possible. The nearest doctors/dentist/bus routes/schools etc can really help and also facts about the house, for example, how long you have lived there, how old the boiler is, if the loft is boarded, any work that you have had done and who are the neighbours. Be as helpful as possible and give this information to your agent if they are doing the viewing as it also shows that they are doing the best job for you.

Get your home sale-ready

It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to get complacent. It can be time-consuming to continually have to ensure your home is in its best possible condition, with regular cleaning and tidying, but it will massively enhance your chances of a successful sale.

Getting viewings right is absolutely key to your chances of achieving a sale quickly and for the best possible price.

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