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  • Joshua Smith

How is the Housing Market During Covid-19?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

So, what of the housing market during this unprecedented time? Please find the government guidance here I would urge anyone who would like more information to speak to me directly and I will do all I can to help you. The reason that I chose to partner my business with Keller Williams was due the stability, support and efficiency that it provides with the use of modern systems and technology.

As we navigate our way through the challenges of coronavirus, I wanted to explain what I am doing to ensure that my business continues to run smoothly and to support my clients through what is, for many, a very worrying time.

Your investments and properties are safe in my hands.

Property is one of the strongholds when investing and has always prevailed in the long term. Property prices always bounce back, just as they did following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. House prices have doubled in price since then with moments of volatility. As a trusted advisor I have lots of information and resources to help ensure that you make the right decision with your home.

Because we’re a hybrid and bespoke agency, we can operate remotely without issue. Our technology and culture were built for this, and the secure and resilient systems we’ve designed run smoothly as they did previously, giving me the benefit of reliability when responding to my clients needs.

I remain available 24/7, as always, via phone, email or facetime – and I can help you during the uncertainty of the coronavirus. I also have the capability to complete detailed virtual valuations, listings and viewings.

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