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My first taste of property was via my parents, who had two rental properties of which I used to help maintain and manage. I also worked on building sites during my university summer breaks and then did the same in Reading for a small bespoke building company building luxury homes, this is where my interest in property really kicked off.


I joined a large corporate high street agency and flew through the ranks becoming branch manager in a couple of years.  This is where I saw several flaws in the system, and so it was at this point that I decided I wanted to run my own business which better served the client.


Since then I have been able to build a great client base and I am now able to give a substantially better service by using Keller Williams as a resource.  This now allows me to spend more time per client and put more effort into each and every sale treating my clients as a priority and not just a transaction.


I am now able to communicate more efficiently, set high expectations and deliver on them, build a great long term relationships with my clients, increase the levels of marketing and negotiate the best deal on my clients behalf.


I am hoping to change the perception of the estate agency industry and provide an enjoyable move in process for the local community and give back where I can.

Personal Goals:

Inspire Young Adults & Create Opportunities For Them


I have grown up on Riverview Park in Gravesend (Kent) and I went to university at Brunel. I then moved to Reading to play rugby and then onto London where I started my Estate Agency Career.


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I am available 7 days a week including evenings, I build my weekly diary around when you need me.  I respond quickly to my clients and regularly contacted via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, email, facetime and telephone. I complete listings and viewings when you are available and I have my downtime at times where I am not needed as much, while people are at work or on Sundays.


When it comes to marketing, I like to tap into the reasons that you bought your home, highlighting critical features to help show its true value and to ensure we achieve an emotional attachment from buyers who are interested. I offer high-quality bespoke marketing campaigns to ensure that your property  stands out from the crowd, for maximum exposure. This includes:  videography, 3D virtual scanning cameras, drone videography and virtual staging, distributed across various social media platforms where the right people will see your home.


Viewings will not be completed sporadically by multiple agents with the stress and hassle of cleaning up 5 times a day effecting your daily life. The viewings will be completed strategically by myself following the action plan where we have an open morning/afternoon or block viewings. On these days we will perfectly stage the property to ensure all features are highlighted, the garden will need to be mowed, hedges trimmed, kitchen tidy and driveway clear from cars and mess. My job is then to entice offers from interested parties and find the perfect match.

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Thank you for reading.

Please get in touch if you would like help or guidance with your home.